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Super Bowl : Cities of National Football League. Geography map games

You have to click as close as possible to the city requested. Your scores are calculated based on the distance between your click and the true location. There is a time bonus each time.

States of United States. Master Geographer. Sheppard Software

Drag, rotate and size each state onto the map. Hard!!!

Die Welt: große Länder. Seterra

Könntest du, die geographische Objekte ausfindig machen? Du musst auf die Landkarte genau zeigen, wo jeder sich befindet.

Die geographischen objekte, positionieren sollten, sind: Afghanistan, Ägypten, ...

Oceans of United States. Tutorial. Sheppard Software

Learn the bays, seas, and other ocean features around the US by clicking on them.

Grandi Nazioni. Seterra

Potrebbe trovare caratteristiche geografiche che vengono richiesti sulla mappa? È necessario indicare ogni posizione precisa sulla mappa.

Individuare le caratteristiche geografiche sono le seguenti: Af ...

Globe Grid (JetPunk)

For each pair of coordinates, fill in the country, body of water, or uninhabited landmass located at those coordinates on Earth's globe.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wi ...

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