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Hoofdsteden van Afrika. Topo Wereld

Train je brein met topografie.Es un mapa de la colección EastDock Media.

Flags of african countries. Lizard Point

Guess the country of each given flag, then try to find out the country on the map.

Countries and capitals of Africa. Sporcle

Can you name the African country from its capital?

Africa: Capitals. Seterra

Would you know to locate the geographic items you are asked about? You must point out each exact location on the map.

Locate countries are: Abuja, Accra, Adis Abeba, Algiers, Antananarivo, Asmara, Bama ...

África: Capitais. Seterra

Você poderia localizar características geográficas que são solicitados no mapa? Você deve marcar uma localização exata no mapa.

Localize características geográficas são: Abuja, Acra, Adis Abeba, Antana ...

Capitals of Africa. World Geography Games

Do you know the name of each capital city shown on the map? Test yourself with this interactive map. You have to choose the right answer from a list with several possible options.Es un mapa de la cole ...

Capitals of Africa. Lizard Point

Try to find out on the map each given capital of Africa countries.

An Afraic: Príomhchathracha. Seterra

Ydych chi'n gwybod sut i leoli nodweddion daearyddol i gyd yn gywir? Gallwch chi ddangos hyn trwy gwblhau'r map rhyngweithiol gwreiddiol.

Gwledydd o hyd yw: Abuja, Accra, Ādis Ābeba, Antananarivo, Asma ...

Afrika: Hoofdsteden. Seterra

Train je brein met topografie.

Zoek geografische kenmerken zijn: Abuja, Accra, Addis Abeba, Algiers, Antananarivo, Asmara, Bamako, Bangui, Banjul, Bissau, Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Caïro, Conakry, Dakar, ...

Largest Indian Ocean cities (JetPunk)

Name the biggest cities which lie on or within 15 miles of the Indian Ocean.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

Capitals and territories of the world 2 (JetPunk)

For each city, name the country or territory of which it is the capital. (Warning: includes several provinces with very literal-minded names.)

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contain ...

Africa's capitals (JetPunk)

Below, you will see the countries of Africa. Enter the names of their capital cities.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wide variety of quizzes.

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