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Outlines of world countries. Sporcle

Can you name the countries by their outline?

Countries of Africa. Advanced Beginner. Sheppard Software

Drag the countries onto the map by region.

Countries of Africa. Explorer. Sheppard Software

Type the first three letters of the country's name (no outlines given).

Countries of Africa. Expert. Sheppard Software

Type the first three letters of the country's name.

Countries of Northern Africa. Ilike2learn

Try to guess where each given country of Northern Africa is located on the map.

Africa: Countries. Seterra

Would you know to locate the geographic items you are asked about? You must point out each exact location on the map.

Locate countries are: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Came ...

África: Países. Seterra

Você poderia localizar características geográficas que são solicitados no mapa? Você deve marcar uma localização exata no mapa.

Localize características geográficas são: África do Sul, Algéria, Angola, ...

Countries of Africa. Expert Plus. Sheppard Software

Drag each country onto the map (countries disappear).

Flags of Africa. Sporcle

Can you name the flags of Africa?

Flags of Africa. World Geography Games

Click on each of the 54 flags available and detail to which country of Africa it belongs.Es un mapa de la colección EastDock Media.

Countries of Africa. Geographer. Sheppard Software

Drag and rotate each country into the correct position.

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