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Countries of Asia

Would you know how to locate on the map each asian country which you have been asked for? You have to point out each exact location on the map.

Zoom in or zoom out the map in order to adjust it to the ...

Countries of Asia

Do you know what is the name of each country of Asia shown on the map? Test yourself with this interactive map, you have to choose the right answer from a list of several options.

Zoom in or zoom out t ...

Southeast Asian countries

Would you know how to place on the map all the countries of Southeast Asia? Check it out with this fun map of Didactalia.

Enlarge or reduce the map with the zoom and adjust its size to the screen of yo ...

Southeast Asian countries

Learn with this interactive game the countries that make up Southeast Asia. Choose from the proposed list each country that is pointing to the map.

Enlarge or reduce the map with the zoom and adjust it ...

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