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Estados Unidos: Capitales de los Estados

Con este interesante mapa interactivo de las Capitales de Estado de Estados Unidos podrás trabajar su localización.

Los estados que debes ubicar son: Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, ...

Capitals of US states. Lizard Point

Try to locate on the map each capital of US states.

Capitals of United States. Beginner. Sheppard Software

Pick the correct state for the highlighted capital, by region.

Capitals of U.S. states. Sporcle

Can you name all the US state capitals? You get ten minutes to done it.

Estados Unidos: Ciudades del Sur. Seterra

Mapa interactivo en el que deberás señalar las ciudades que componen el Sur de Estados Unidos.

Las ciudades a localizar son los siguientes: Amarillo, Annapolis, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Baton Rouge ...

Cities of Florida . Geography map games

You have to click as close as possible to the city requested. Your scores are calculated based on the distance between your click and the true location. There is a time bonus each time.

The U.S.: State Capitals. Seterra

Would you know to locate the geographic items you are asked about? You must point out each exact location on the map.

Locate countries are: Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Bis ...

Capitals of eastern US states. Lizard Point

Try to guess where each given capital of eastern US state is located on the map.

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