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Choose the type of map you need:

Maps to play

500 maps created by Didactalia in order for you to play and learn Geography. Two game modes with statistics and rankings for each map and player.

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Interactive maps

3,000 interactive maps from around twenty collections: Geography Map Games, Seterra, Toporopa...

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Printable maps

1.100 maps (blank or with some information) to fill or indicate their geographical components. A good alternative for those users who prefer paper over the screen.

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BNEscolar's maps

Handwritten cartographical material from the National Library of Spain. A collection of around 500 ancient maps.

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Play on your mobile or tablet

Learn geography no matter the place, the time, and the device you use

Didactalia's maps can be adapted to all electronic devices. Make use of them to improve your knowledge about geography at any time, in any place.

Learn whenever, wherever and however you want, and at the pace you feel more comfortable with.

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