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Seas of Europe. Toporopa

Interactive map where you have to place correctly the seas of Europe.

Seas and gulfs of the Atlantic Ocean. Ilike2learn

Learn the major seas, gulfs, and bays of the Atlantic Ocean with this free map quiz.

Bodies of water of Canada. Lizard Point

Try to locate on the map the given bodies of water of Canada.

Major bodies of water in the world. Sporcle

Can you name the world's major bodies of water?

Oceans and seas of the world. Ilike2learn

Try to guess where each given ocean or sea is located on the map.

Bodies of water of Europe (easy). Lizard Point

Guess where each given body of water of Europe is located on the map.

Physical features of Africa. Lizard Point

Try to find out on the map each given physical feature of Africa.

Seas and islands of United Kingdom and Ireland. Toporopa

Try to locate on the map each given sea and island of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Globe Grid (JetPunk)

For each pair of coordinates, fill in the country, body of water, or uninhabited landmass located at those coordinates on Earth's globe.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, site that contains a wi ...

Countries bordering two or more oceans (JetPunk)

Name the countries that border two or more oceans. All dependencies are excluded, for example, Greenland. Island countries such as Indonesia are not included.

It is an educational content by JetPunk, s ...

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