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Ports of Europe. Toporopa

Do you know the main European ports? You can check it with this game you have to drag each port name (15 in total) to the appropriate location on the map of Europe.

Seas of Europe. Toporopa

Interactive map where you have to place correctly the seas of Europe.

Bodies of water of Europe. Ilike2learn

Learn the European lakes, rivers, bays and seas with this map quiz.

Seas of Europe. Ilike2learn

Given the european sea, try to figure out where it is located.

Islands of Europe. Toporopa

Would you know to locate the island you are asked about? You must point out each exact location on the map.

Bodies of water of Europe (easy). Lizard Point

Guess where each given body of water of Europe is located on the map.

Straits of Europe. Toporopa

To work your knowledge of geography, you can practice with this interactive map where you have to locate the Straits of Europe.

Bodies of water of Europe (hard). Lizard Point

Try to locate on the map the given bodies of water of Europe.

Seas of Europe (JetPunk)

Try to name the seas that border Europe. Most people will only get a couple. For this quiz, a sea is anything that is called a sea. Some seas are part of other seas. Doesn't include gulfs, bays, stra ...

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